23rd Street, San José, Costa Rica

The official screening venue of the festival.

One of the oldest movie theaters in Costa Rica, opened its doors in June 1978 with a capacity of 520 viewers.

Tickets through Delefoco.



Boulevard Los Yoses, 75 meters East Antigua Subaru, San Pedro Montes de Oca, San Jose,Costa Rica.

Named after a neighborhood in London, It is located in a huge 1950's house with an open courtyard in the back. The house has wide rooms with lots of space and its decoration is 100% British.



Costa Rican Film Production Center

9 Av, 11 Street, behind the INS parking, San José, Costa Rica

As a promoter of Costa Rican cinema since 1977, the Costa Rican Film Production Center opened its doors to the shnit audience to give way to a new world of knowledge in two workshops.



University of Costa Rica

University of Costa Rica, Sabanilla, San Jose, Costa Rica

The Communications School is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Costa Rica ( UCR ), the most prestigious university in Costa Rica and Central America. It offers five specializations: Social Communication, Journalism , Audiovisual and Multimedia Production, Advertising and Public Relations. It is a space where audiovisual producers converge and therefore is of great interest to many festival goers, students and professionals in the audiovisual area.


La Esquina / El cuartel

La California, in the front corner of the Magaly Theater, San José, Costa Rica

Once the night falls, a special magic takes over the north end neighborhood of La California, San Jose.
The bar invites young people, ready to dance until the clock strikes 2 am or until the band or DJ stops the music.