23rd Street, San José, Costa Rica

The official screening venue of the festival.

One of the oldest movie theaters in Costa Rica, opened its doors in June 1978 with a capacity of 520 viewers.

Tickets through Delefoco.



Boulevard Los Yoses, 75 meters East Antigua Subaru, San Pedro Montes de Oca, San Jose,Costa Rica.

Named after a neighborhood in London, It is located in a huge 1950's house with an open courtyard in the back. The house has wide rooms with lots of space and its decoration is 100% British.




La California, in front of the Magaly Theater, San José, Costa Rica

Cinema Observatory Bar Restaurant has been characterized as a vanguard for live music, opening a space for different musical groups with a wide variety of genres and thus establishing itself as the alternative location of the music scene in San José.



Véritas University

1 km west of the Presidential house, San Jose, Costa Rica

The Véritas University is a private teaching center specializing in the areas of art, design and

architecture. Its main objective is to impact society through the comprehensive training of

students and professionals in an educational environment of excellence and innovation with an

international dimension, through programs of various kinds.