shnit host venues and cities are referred to as PLAYGROUNDS. Fuelled by the strong intention to facilitate the international exchange of great ideas and stories, shnit has hosted PLAYGROUNDS in almost every corner of the world, all of which explode at the same time.

Audiences in each PLAYGROUND vote towards the first of shnit’s THE FLAMING FAUN international audience awards, with the award presented to the collective global audience favourite at shnit FINALE in New York.

As well as bringing its own local flavour to the festival, PLAYGROUNDs present a National Jury and Audience award and in some cases an additional OUT OF COMPETITION local shorts showcase programme.

This exchange of culture and expression is a fundamental element of shnit. Festival venues are more than just a cinema venue – they are interactive, living, breathing spaces, with activations, vendors, music and performance, as well as collaborative work from a number of local artists. And of course, the audience is involved in creation too, with interactive installations, and constant filming and photography pictures being uploaded daily to the world on social media platforms.  

shnit 2016 is held in Bangkok, Bern, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Moscow and San José.