shnit FINALE



On an electric Sunday night in New York City, an expectant crowd is gathered.  An intimate, chic venue, bathed in bright magenta light.  Filmmakers and film lovers, from all corners of the world…

From a corner of the room, fiercely intelligent eyes survey five golden statuettes: dancing figurines, characters of myth; horns curled around their heads; tails coiled; thumbs to their noses, fingers splayed, in a motion of defiant celebration. These eyes belong to multiple Oscar-winner Paul Haggis, and the statuette is known as THE FLAMING FAUN. This is the shnit FINALE 2014.

shnit culminates each year with the international awards ceremony shnit FINALE in New York. Nominated films are celebrated over two days, before, in an exclusive ambiance alongside shnit’s global festival team, award nominees and invited filmmakers and VIP guests, the winners are bestowed with THE FLAMING FAUN in five categories.

On that electric night in New York in 2014, Paul Haggis, jury president 2014, is addressing the crowd. He seems genuinely moved by the films. Their technical excellence. Their narrative depth. It’s the film that affected him most in each category that ultimately took the prize, he says.  He’s «insanely jealous» of the winning filmmakers, he jokes.  

For the five winnings filmmakers on stage beside him; for the guests from all around the world in the crowd; hell, for the whole gathering of NYC cinephiles, it’s a night not to be forgotten.