8 cities.  1 global weekend.  

With its steadily growing reputation for the finest short film fare, shnit has made its mark as a festival not to be missed, and established Cairo as a force to be reckoned with on the global short film scene.  #thefutureisshnit

Shnit Worldwide Shorfilmfestival presents an explosive Short Film Experience like no other. This year we have a brand new and very excited team at the playground Cairo which is happy to introduce you to the 13th edition of shnit. The festival is spreading in Cairo: Our headquarter is in the middle of the city at the Greek Campus. The Swiss Club Cairo in Kit Kat and the Arthouse Cinema Zawya in Downtown will be screening our short films during the first four days of our festival. 

We will also have special screenings at the U.S. Embassy IRC (Information Resource Center) in the in Garden City, the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Zamalek, and the CSA in Maadi (Community Service Association). Additionally, there will be a number of special talks and events to complement the cinematic experience with vigorous celebrations.



This year the Cairo Playground introduces the MADE IN EGYPT national competition. We are also having for the first time in Cairo the REALTIME competition where participants have three days during the festival to write a script, shoot, edit and finish a short film. The winner of the national as well as the winner of the REALTIME competition will be awarded on the closing night of the festival.

Following up on the success of talking shnit we will continue this tradition at the GREEK CAMPUS bringing you interested topics and personalities from the Cairo film scene.

Apart from our short film program we have organized a variety of exiting activities. Find more information about our events around the festival in the EXPANDED section on this homepage. 

Shnit Cairo is growing every year in this gigantic city. This year we are taking a big step to our goal to create a platform for filmmakers and film enthusiasts. We screen more local short films than ever and support Egyptian filmmakers through our national and REALTIME awards. We connect filmmakers and film fans on our talks and events. And we bring our stunning short film program into the different neighborhoods of Cairo. Shnit boosts public discussions about esthetics, sense and sensibility, and the global society that is moving, kicking and crossing borders.