Here you can find a list of frequently asked questions, which may answer any queries you may have regarding submitting your short film to the festival. Please note that the answer to most of your questions can be found in the REGULATIONS 2017 paper.


shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival is a premier venue for the exhibition and promotion of short film. Once safely confined within the Swiss borders, shnit has become an exceptional event with a unique concept – a transnational film festival simultaneously taking place in eight cities on five continents worldwide. «shnit» is dedicated to celebrating and sharing the exciting world of short film with audiences. The festival feels blessed with an enthusiastic and supportive audience. We embrace diversity, originality and exchange between creators and an ever-growing audience across the globe. It is therefore our aim to actively increase the perception of short film making by creating a multi-platform event for high quality short films. With its cinematic treats, the popular festival fascinates more than 35,000 visitors. Today shnit belongs to the cutting-edge short film festivals in the world. 


Q: What happens to my film once I have submitted?
A: We believe that a film’s success is dependent not on its budget or genre, but on its core vision and the creativity with which it communicates that vision. The programs consist of these diverse visions assembled in an order and rhythm so that even in contrast each is mutually complimentary. We therefore appoint an independent selection committee to view all submissions. All films are viewed by the programming team; the shortlisted films are then watched again and discussed by the selection team and the artistic direction for the selection of the competitive programs. 

Q: If my film is selected when will I be noticed, if it is not when will I know?
A: All successful entrants will be notified in July 2017. All entrants whose films were not selected will be informed by end-August.

Q: When does the festival 2017 take place?
A: The fifeteenth edition of shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival will take place from October 18th – 29th 2017. shnit FINALE will be held from October 29th in New York.


From now to June 20th 2017 (extended deadline).

Q: I am having problems with the festival’s online submissions process, who should I contact?
A: Please contact our program coordinator at

Q: How will I know if shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival has received my film?
A:  The selection team checks the submissions very thoroughly. The filmmakers will be contacted if their film has not arrived or was wrongly uploaded and they will have the chance to send another copy. As we are very busy during this period, we kindly ask you to refrain from contacting the festival to confirm the receipt of your material. 

Q: Does the festival accept digital or online preview copies?
A: Yes, the festival does accept digital preview copies. You can submit via our entry form and send your digital preview copy after filling out the entry form. Alternatively you can upload your digital copy on filmfreewayfesthome, withoutaboxshortfilmdepot, reelport or filmfestivallife


shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival accepts short films from all over the world completed after 1 June 2015, up to 40 minutes in length from every genre and does NOT have a premiere policy. If you cannot find the answer to your question, and have already read the regulations, please feel free to contact the festival office on