The shnit Expanded Programme focuses on interpersonal and intercultural exchange, skills development, networking and of course celebration.

The TALENT FOCUS section provides a platform for industry events, panels or workshops for attending national and international filmmakers and guests. These events not only act as an exchange platform for festival participants, but also as a meeting point between industry players and the public, allowing shnit to function as a place of mediation and encounter between professional filmmakers and the enthusiastic audience. 

The EVENT CIRCUS section includes parties, concerts and special performances. shnit takes pride in providing those extra special meeting places for audience and filmmakers during the five festival days and nights. Not to mention that, no matter where in the world you are, shnit throws a hell of a party.




The shnitREALTIME competition, is a filmmaking contest in which local filmmakers are invited to write a script, shoot, edit and finish a short film in 3 days. The night before the kick off of the competition the teams will be given five genres to choose from and three mandatory elements to include in their short film. The films will be screened at the closing night of the festival and a jury will choose the best short film. The winner of the REALTIME competition will be going home with a prize money of 15’000 EGP. 


Shnit and PITCH4CHANGE teamed up to create a one day platform that brings together local film and media makers with local foundations and international NGOs, Corporate CSR officers, campaigners, philanthropists, policymakers, brands and media around leading social and environmental issues. Our goal is to forge coalitions and campaigns that are good for all these partners, good for the films and good for the world.

We are aiming that PITCH4CHANGE becomes a reliable place where people with innovative ideas and organizations that are doing sustainable work, can find each other more easily. 


Shnit Cairo organizes Masterclasses and Panel Discussions at the Greek Campus on Saturday the 8th October and Sunday the 9th October. We will keep you informed about our program and speakers on facebook.com/shnit.org 




With our lives and the world around us in a constant state of flux, we need to get our heads around the changes and get some well procured advice. Shnit Cairo Playground and ReelFOOD organized a picnic and movie event for people who like films, but love food. But also for those who care to know about independent, innovative, interesting, new vendors and restaurants that have opened up around Cairo. We will be pairing film programs and food with a creative twist in the setting of a picnic in the beautiful Swiss Club Cairo garden on a big screen and a casual, friendly environment.

For two days the Swiss Club Cairo turns into a playground for the whole family. Kids can cavort on the large play area or watch our short film program for kids LITTLE & SHORT, while the adults can relax and enjoy the nice Garden of the Swiss Club and learn more about alternative food culture and try it right on the spot. 

UBERshnit treasure hunt

The UBERshnit treasure hunt will give you a unique experience, cruising through Cairo, searching for hints in our short films and then finally find the treasure! Stay informed on facebook.com/shnit.org 


On the closing night the winners of the National and the REALTIME Competition will be screened and awarded.


Other activities announced on facebook