The shnit Expanded Programme focuses on interpersonal and intercultural exchange, skills development, networking and of course celebration.

The TALENT FOCUS section provides a platform for industry events, panels or workshops for attending national and international filmmakers and guests. These events not only act as an exchange platform for festival participants, but also as a meeting point between industry players and the public, allowing shnit to function as a place of mediation and encounter between professional filmmakers and the enthusiastic audience. 

The EVENT CIRCUS section includes parties, concerts and special performances. shnit takes pride in providing those extra special meeting places for audience and filmmakers during the five festival days and nights. Not to mention that, no matter where in the world you are, shnit throws a hell of a party.


Acting Workshop By Kru Noon and Kru Aor

Part 1: Basic Acting, Blending yourself, Natural Act, Concentrate, Act for TV and films
Part 2 :(improv) (Make it your style)( Intro to part 3 )

Part 3 : Imagination, Believing, 5 Senses, Inner, Objective, Aiming, Working with camera
Part 4 : The Obstacle, Duo-work, Working with Camera 


Editing Workshop by Arnold Leelaprasert

What do we teach? Nothing about the editing program in thai class. We will focus to how to tell the story by cutting. Craft of editing: No theory But sharing all experiences from a guy who have been working as editor and producer for a decade. 


Lighting Workshop By Cinetoys, Siamlite, Camera Corner

2 Days Hands-on Practical Camera and Lighting Workshop

Aim of workshop:
Give attendees real world, hands on practical workshop by professionals working in the field of production.  The workshop will concentrate on giving an advanced, hands on time with actual, current production equipment.
By the end of the second day, participants should have real world knowledge of and be able to set up full studio production cameras, grip equipment and lights.