"The faun, a mythological sylvan spirit or spirit of the forest, guides us through the twisting jungles of the film business."


For eight years, the shnit International Competition has presented THE FLAMING FAUN statuette to filmmakers from all around the world.

The statuette THE FLAMING FAUN was designed by Dutch artist Ineke Pijn, and has since been awarded to filmmakers from all over the world. The Faun is a mythological spirit of the forest and serves as a guide – in our case through the tangled jungle that is the film business.

The FAUN is gold casted and sits enthroned on a handcrafted stone pedestal. FLAMING stands for passion with a double meaning – both the passionate filmmaker and the contagious enthusiasm of winning an award. But only with its cheeky gesture does the FAUN reveals its integrity. The expression is open to interpretation, but «to cock a snook at somebody» could be the symbolic reaction of a winner to all obstacles and struggles one has to deal with in producing a film. We did it, against all odds!