Sharlto Copley (Pres.)

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Sharlto Copley is a South African actor, director and producer. His short “2001: A SPACE ODDITY became South Africa's most popular internet short ever and  screened with his next short, “HELLWEEK”, at Cannes .  In 2005 he produced the short film “ALIVE IN JO'BURG” for director Neill Blomkamp. Feature version, DISTRICT 9, saw Sharlto accept the lead role, showcasing his unique performance range.  Sharlto won the “Favorite Hero” award at IGN's Summer Movie Awards, and was nominated at the MTV Movie Awards, SCREAM awards and EMPIRE awards.  Sharlto went on to land the role of “Murdock” in THE A-TEAM and star opposite Matt Damon and Jodie Foster in ELYSIUM, Josh Brolin in Spike Lee’s OLDBOY remake, and in science fiction film, EUROPA REPORT. Recent projects include MALEFICENT, CHAPPIE and POWERS, PlayStation Network's first original series as well as Sharlto's first foray into TV Drama.