Two brothers, Nikita and Vanya, spend a day together. Nikita came back from the army a year ago; he was a sharp-shooter. He is now not allowed to move abruptly as it provokes strokes that make him partially lose his memory. Vanya is accompanying his brother – he has got to look after him. But contrary to the rules Nikita and Ivan are running around, go on the swings and fight with hooligans. On the way home they meet girls in the park, buy a teddy hare from a homeless person and are given a lift home by a lady with the dog. At first it may seem that Nikita is helpless and is the one who is led by his brother. But it is exactly his sense of humor, his kindness and him being brave that helps the brothers out of certain situations. It turns out that Nikita is not he the Second One but the First One!